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SilkOne EMR - Chiropractic

SilkOne EMR is the FIRST product that automates, end-to-end, all the processes in a Chiropractic Office, on a Web-based Platform.

Following Modules are available on the Software Platform.

Patient In-take forms

New Patients can go to the Clinics Website and fill out the New Patient Intake forms from their Homes. All the information goes straight into the EMR System.

Following In-take Forms are available:

  • Patient Demographics
  • Insurance Information
  • Medical History
  • Family History
  • Social History
  • Surgical History
  • Allergies
  • Medications
  • Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Trauma/Accident History
  • Auto-Accident Form
  • Consent Forms

Patient Self Check-ins

Patients check themselves in at a Kiosk.

They update their Complaints and ADLs. The information goes straight into their Electronic Medical Record.

The Patients also take a simple, fun, multiple-choice, question of the day, to keep them up-to-date on Chiropractic principles.

Patient Scheduling

The Scheduler provides all the necessary functions needed for Scheduling Patients. This includes:

  • Appointment Color coding
  • Appointment Blocking
  • Variable Time-slots
  • Overbooking
  • Multi-Provider, Multi-Facility views
  • Scheduling Repeat Appointments (for Treatment Plans)
  • Stats on Appointments (Daily, weekly, monthly – Missed, Re-scheduled, Cancelled, etc.)

SOAP Notes

The Doctor can enter all the SOAP Notes with “point-and-click” or using a “touch screen” stylus. No typing is needed.

The Patients medical record, X-Rays are automatically pulled up. The Doctor can document all the necessary information for the Patient’s Visit as below:

  • S: Chief Complaints, HPI
  • O: Tenderness/Muscle Spasms/Fixations/Adjustments
  • A: Diagnosis/Procedures/Pre-treatment, Post-treatment, Progress, Prognosis
  • P: Visit Schedule/ Therapy/Regions/Goals
  • Exams: Vitals/Posture/ROM/ON Tests, XRays findings, ADL’s, Outcomes (Disability questionnaires).

Billing and Patient accounting

The Billing Module provides a full 360 Deg View of all processes in the Insurance Billing cycle:

  • Electronic and Paper (HCFA) Claim submissions, rejections, re-submissions
  • Payment posting
  • Patient Statements
  • A/R tracking
  • Detailed Analysis and Reports

Clinics have 3 options:

  • Use the Billing Software and do their own billing “in-house” or
  • Use SilkOne Billing Services or
  • Use a third party Billing Service that they may already have.

Either way, the Billing Module is seamlessly integrated with the rest of the Software and most importantly, SOAP Notes.
Also, “Coding” is completely automated from the Doctors Notes. Claims can be submitted in “1-click” after the Notes are completed by the Doctor.

Patient Calling

As the Doctor finishes the treatment, the next Patient is automatically called (over a speaker system) to the next open Treatment Room or Adjustment Table.

The Patient flow is fully customizable and managed by the System.

Patient Access

The Patients can view their Appointments, Treatment Plans and XRays from their Homes. They can even request or schedule their own Appointments on the Patient Portal

Inter-Office Messaging/Communication

The Staff members as well as the Doctors can send messages to each other, directly from within the Application.

Similarly the Clinic staff can communicate with an External Biller through the messaging system as well.