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What our Customers are saying...


SilkOne-EMR solves all my problems. You have saved me tons of money

Thank you so much for creating your software. Before using SilkOne-EMR, we had one program for SOAP notes, one for billing, patient accounting, and scheduling. Not to mention as my practice grew, I had to buy a new program each year to meet my ever increasing standards.

But SilkOne-EMR solves all my problems. It integrates all of these systems into one feature that I can access online from any computer, even at home! Not only is SilkOne-EMR better deal than Platinum system, you don''t have any expensive hardware to buy.

Not only have you saved me tons of money, but you have also lowered the stress on my office and myself tremendously. Thank you!

   Michael Beck, D.C.
   Beck Family Chiropractic

A wonderful system. I give it my highest recommendation

I recently started using the Silkone chiropractic office solution. I can tell you without hesitation that this is truly a great system! I have been with a different software company for the past 15 years, using their billing system and SOAP note software. I often times reached a point of utter frustration due to the difficulty using their software, it was so slow that I would spend hours catching up on my daily notes. With the SilkOne system my notes are done at the end of the shift and the majority of billing has also been sent out by days end!! The system also allows you, the doctor, to easily access reports, patient files, stats…Its GREAT!! Anant has worked closely with me and the staff to get us up and running as smoothly as possible, it has really been quite easy.

In summary, SilkOne is a wonderful system for a busy chiropractic office. The system was easy to implement, actually fun to use and will absolutely save time and money. I give it my highest recommendation.

   Dr. Jay Dawson
   Woodland Wellness, WA

Thank you Silk One!

I am so grateful for having picked Silk One as my software company for my chiropractic practice. I used to sit at my desk for about 2-3 hours writing soap notes, something that was very dreadful!

Since I began using Silk my notes are always done when I leave my office. Another real awesome thing about silk is the billing portion. I have fired my outside biller (saved about $1500 a month) and now do my billing 3 times a week from my PC in my office. It takes me just a few minutes to send out my claims and I get paid in about 10-15 days on most of my insurance claims, thats really cool.

Thank you so much Silk One team!

P.S. that customer service is great too.

   Dr. Dave Acosta
   Acosta Chiropractic, Inc.

I just wanted to sent you a quick thank you.

I have owned several software systems, non have streamlined my office like Silkone’s. Plus there is no one on the market that customizes the software to the user as you do and in a timely fashion. While switching over to your software your support even stepped in and helped resubmit Medicare files that had been problem children for us. I love the fact that I can work on files, check my schedule, run reports from anywhere that I have internet. Having multiple offsite backups is also a relief, I am glad I am no longer the part time networking guy in my office…no more servers. Thanks for the great service, I keep waiting for the honeymoon period to wear off as with some companies where they don’t remember you quite as well after you sign up, but your service has remained great.

   Jon R. Gray D.C.
   Jon R Gray Chiropractic Center

SilkOne-EMR is going to make our practice grow, grow, grow!

Prior to SilkOne-EMR, we were doing Paper notes and Paper Billing. With SilkOne, everything is electronic! That alone has speeded up the process of treating patients, from initial visit to daily soap notes to billing. In addition, SilkOne has been extremely responsive to customize the software to meet our specific needs and their Customer support is incredible. I have Anant's cell phone number! SilkOne-EMR is going to make our practice grow, grow, grow! I would absolutely recommend SilkOne to other Doctors who want to stream line their practice, modernize to EMR, and make practice life easier on a day to day basis.

   Dr. Todd Caughey
   Cool Springs Back and Neck Care

Customer support is exceptional !!!

Thanks SilkOne for the easy to use, streamline software product. We had been searching for a way to make our office flow better and you have solved our problem. We now collect money up front from patients, schedule patients out for their apts, plus all SOAP notes are electronically stored. Everything including creating mailing labels for our newsletters is in the system. Plus your customer support is exceptional.

   Terri Kesler
   Director, Olathe Chiropractic and Franklin County Chiropractic

It has enabled my practice to grow to higher levels than ever before

A fellow chiropractor referred me to SilkOne, and I am grateful for that. With SilkOne, my office has become much more efficient in helping more patients, with less paperwork involved. SilkOne has provided me the same type of quality of software system as others that cost hundreds more per month to utilize. With their system being web-based, it has also afforded me the luxury to work on notes from home, without having to go up to the office. I cannot recommend SilkOne enough. It has enabled my practice to grow to higher levels than ever before, helping us to save more lives, which is what chiropractic is all about!

   Dr. John J. Madden
   Madden Family Chiropractic

It has eliminated all my maintenance, installation and upgrade headaches.

Prior to SilkOne, we were using a very expensive System, with huge upfront cost and high upgrade fees each year. We were also having to manage and maintain our own Servers and do daily backups. And most of all, we couldn't even use many of the features like SOAP Notes, because it was very cumbersome and very time consuming.

We decided to switch to SilkOne because we got a much better System at much lower cost and we could make our Office Paperless, which we couldn't even do with our previous System. Also, SilkOne, being Web-based, it has eliminated the maintenance, installation or upgrade headaches. Now, I can access all my Office records from home!

SilkOne has also simplified and automated our Billing and we were able to further save money by bringing our Outsourced Billing, back "in-house" and better manage it. Thank you SilkOne!

   Dr. Josh Nelson
   Family Health and Wellness

Cost is incredibly low for what you get

SilkOne is the first chiropractic practice management software I have seen to do exactly what I always wanted in practice. Not only is it custom designed but it is also webbased so you can access your office from anywhere on planet earth.

This is a big plus because how many times was I sitting at home wondering what my stats were for the month etc, well now you can work on your office from home.

I recommend it to all my clients and members. This is the best that has happened in chiropractic practice in a long time.

And the cost is incredibly low for what you get, I don't know how Anant is making it work at this price.

By the way Anant is the nicest guy you can meet and he gives you full support. I am 100% behind his product.

   Dr. Erich Breitenmoser
   Founder of PracticeWealth.com

Thank you for recommending Silkone.

It took a while for me to get the hang of it, but well worth it!

No more time wasted pulling charts or putting them away!

No more time wasted figuring out monthly stats-it's already automatic!

And best of all, an insurance company asked me for progress note details. Ugh! But now all I do is click Print, and the notes look Beautiful! I was actually proud to send them to the insurance company and am quite confident I'll get paid quickly!

Also, Anant is as great as you are about answering questions super fast! Amazing customer service.

Anyone who's not using this is crazy, and probably doing too much paperwork!

   Dr. Jacqueline Whalen
   Whalen Chiropractic, Inc.

Access Silkone from anywhere is a huge bonus.!

I think most practitioners would agree that they enjoy working with patients, but HATE the paper work. I realized that I not only limited my practice as a result, but that I also did not have a handle on Insurance billing and my stats because I had farmed them out to minimize my stress.

No more. Silkone greatly minimizes the aggravation with not just SOAP notes, but billing, posting, and keeping tract of stats, without the hassle of backups. We now do everything between my front desk person and I, without having to pay someone to do billing, with much less stress and knowing exactly how to bill and where I stand at any given time.

And to be able to access Silkone from anywhere is a huge bonus.

There is a learning curve when getting started, but I can’t think of better people to be supported by than the Silkone team. Anant has the patience of a saint.

   Dr. Patricia Salvitti
   Salvitti Chiropractic

System is so user friendly and efficient; it's just amazing!

I want to tell you what a great year we had in 2010! One of the biggest (and best) changes we made in our office was switching our clinic software to Silkone! The way you have designed the system is so user friendly and efficient; it's just amazing! My staff thought the conversion would be such a huge pain but found it very easy. My stat management in all areas of my practice is finally easy to view and the reports make it a breeze to see our growth. My clinical documentation has also never been better and faster! Lastly, the customer support has always been timely and helpful with no down time at all. Having a HIPPA compliant, web based system also allows me to access my clinic info from anywhere...no more backing up data and changing tapes! The low monthly fee (without a contract) is the easiest payment I make each month!

Thanks again!

   Dr. Nick Schultz
   Schultz Chiropractic

I just want to thank all of you for all your help!

I just want to thank all of you for all your help. We love the software and you have made the transition easy. Thanks again for your help.

We are so thankful we get to work with you.

   Amy Witt, LPC

SilkOne provides all of the functionality I expected!!!

I've used about 5-6 different software programs, for scheduling to billing, patient accounting and all of it. SilkOne provides all of the functionality I expected, and even more than I need. The versatility and depth is really terrific, lot's of bells and whistles. The layout is right-on, all in a chiropractic specific flow and all of the compliance tools you need. I suspect clinic billing staffers are uncomfortable with this program, it could cut their hours because it's so efficient to use. SilkOne seamlessly blends the systems of visit documentation and 3rd party billing .... with relative ease. The screens update and fill very quickly and the servers have not stumbled once on us. The initiation takes time, and the support is there with immediate email acknowledgments and fixes, like provider PINs for Medicare etc. All my computers are Macs and it's not a problem because it's cloud based. Also, I can take care of tasks wherever I feel like. The visit notes are so simple, and once the patient is loaded for the first visit, it's smooth sailing. After the chiropractors build up all of the sentences/macro's, the system almost runs on it's own.

   Dr Matt Waldron
   Waldron Chiropractic

Customer service is phenomenal!!!

I have been using Silkone for over a year! I really researche all the software and even went to The largest trade show in our profession (Parkerr, Vegas) and spoke to every vendor before signing up with Silkone. At the time, they were the only company that did it all! Patient demographics and history filled out by the patient via a web portal. Patients can make their own appointments online, check balances, print receipts etc. they sign in on an iPad in the office to update their symptoms, the encounter is fast. Billing is fabulous!

It is Internet based, so you don't need a special software install. Customer service is phenomenal! It isn't as pretty as other softwared, but it makes up for it in efficiency. They are even adding a feature soon that let's the patient pay their balance online. We are waiting anxiously for that, since we currently use PayPal on our website. I highly recommend them!

   Dr. Nancy Elwartowski
   Dr. Nancy Elwartowski-Cooper DC DICCP

...very positive experience

Last week I used your website patient portal to reschedule an appointment from home and had a very positive experience. The software was easy to use and I foresee using it more in the future for those times when my schedule changes or when I am at home with my appointment book in front of me.

   Dr. Cynthia Gerszewski

Just wanted to personally thank you

Just wanted to personally thank you for all the hard work, time and effort you and your staff has given me and Brauchla Family Chiropractic getting SilkOne where we need it to be!

   Kim and Staff
   Brauchla Family Chiropractic

The experience I have had with Silk One.

You guys are the best! Best response times and very thorough.

   Dr Daniel Farkas
   Farkas Chiropractic

You guys are awesome!!!

I hope this letter finds you well. I just want to let you know that we printed all of the billing with E and M codes and sent them out.

I wanted to personally thank you for giving us a hand on this issue. This was a tremendous help to us and I really appreciate it.

I have always recommended SilkOne to all of my colleagues and will continue to do so. You guys are awesome.

   Dr Reza Daroodi
   Back and Wellness Clinic

You guys have a great team there!

Just wanted to send my compliments about Ricky! SilkOne is lucky to have him! You guys have a great team there! Everyone has been so awesome and helpful!

   Back Office Manager
   Chiropractic Office, Pleasant Hill, CA

Wow, you guys are amazing!!

During the past few months, my staff and I have started the major task of integrating our 23 year old practice away from our original software into SilkOne.

As anyone that has been in practice for a long time can imagine, this is a daunting task.

We are working diligently to learn the system, put in all the patient's and get the system rolling.

I am very pleased with the service team at SilkOne. From the very response owner of the company, to the entire support team, that are making the transition as easy as possible.

From the doctor standpoint, I have been able to ask questions, and learn more about the system, when I have been in need of small changes that would help enhance the system for our office as well as all offices on the system, the SilkOne team is amazingly fast to respond, and learn how the program can be made better.

The fact that it is an online based system as opposed to a system we run on our own serve, allows them to make changes quickly and more efficiently than I have ever experienced in all the years of practice.

I am a workflow detail oriented person, so when I have ideas on how the system may be helped by tweaking some things, they listen and for that I am grateful.

I can see how over the years, once we are settled in and running, this system is going to save our office time and money, and allow my staff to get back to taking care of people, and allow my wife and I to also enjoy our lives once again.

Thank You SilkOne Team,

I look forward to the system getting even better.

   Dr. Jeff Ben-Ezra
   BenEzra Chiropractic Center PC

I'm a happy customer !!

I just want to tell you how impressed I've been with your support team. Everyone that I've dealt with so far (Ricky and Cheryl come to mind) have been really quick and helpful. Everyone has taken excellent care of me and any issues that I've had swiftly and efficiently.

I'm a happy customer and please feel free to pass my sentiments to your team.

   John McClelland, D.C.
   McClelland Chiropractic